AR1160 Features
    The AR1160 controller is Araisrobo's 6 joints motion controller for Machinekit. With deliberate isolation treatments, the AR1160 controller provides industrial grade of signal integrity for Machinekit on Raspberry Pi 2 and FPGA motion co-processor.

    Embedded Motion Controller with Raspberry Pi

    • Embedded quad-core ARM CPU
    • Hardware real time control with FPGA motion co-processor
    • 25MHz encoder sampling rate
    • 12.5MHz step/pulse generation rate 
    • 1.5 KHz PID servo loop rate for 6 Joints
    • 6 Joints close-loop control

    High Quality Moves, Precisely Synchronized

    • Trapezoidal and S-curve velocity profiles
    • High Performance continuous linear and circular interpolation
    • Low jitter hardware real time control
    • Advanced PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feedforward, integration limits
    • High speed position latch for probing and homing

    Flexible I/O

    • Optically isolated home input, forward and reverse limits for every axis
    • Expandable isolated digital I/O module
    • Expandable isolated DAC module
    • Expandable isolated ADC module

    Industrial grade reliability for Open Source Software Development

    • Machinekit is an opensource software platform for machine control applications.
    • The AR1160 is the electrical platform, which survives in harsh industrial environment, for Machinekit